The Baby Foot Experience

If you haven't heard of this ultra-trendy, amazing chemical peel for your feet called Baby Foot then let me be the first to tell you about this unique, innovative peel that will change the way you achieve baby soft feet. What is Baby Foot? Baby Foot is an exfolliant foot peel that utilizes 17 types of natural extracts and the main ingredient is fruit acid, commonly known as lactic acid or glycolic acid. The brochure describes the product as easy to use, and a painless way to remove the layers of dead skin that keep the feet rough and dry.

I decided to see for myself what all the fuss was about over this product and if the brochure was accurate. I'll be honest when Stephanie tried the peel before me and I saw her feet peeling and the dead skin coming off I thought that it had to hurt but she reassured me that it did not hurt.


To begin I purchased my Baby Foot at the spa and took it home to give it a try. The first thing I noticed about the product was that the directions were clear and simple. No complicated steps to follow just easy, clear directions. The first step is to pull the pre-filled booties out of the box and cut off the top along the dotted line. Next I rinsed off and cleaned my feet before sitting down and slipping the booties on. Once the booties were on I used the clear tape that came in the box to secure the top of the bootie around my ankles. After the booties were securely on I relaxed on the couch for an hour watching t.v. and playing on Facebook, this was the easy part :) After the hour was up I went into the bathroom to remove the booties and rinse the product off of my feet. During the time when my feet were in the booties I had no discomfort or pain. The product in the booties is a gel that is room temperature so its not to cold or hot. After the product is applied it takes 3-5 days before you start to see peeling occur.


For me it took 3 days and the peeling began. This was my first chemical peel of any type so I was a bit surprised when the peeling started. I learned that when the skin starts peeling it is important not to pull it off or peel it off yourself, you want the skin to naturally peel off. I helped it by rinsing my feet and gently using my loofah to exfoliate the dead skin off. When I had big pieces that were bothering me I just used a mini scissors to trim the skin off instead of leaving it hanging there. For my feet it took about 4-5 days of peeling before it was all done. The skin underneath is incredibly soft and smooth, it really is amazing how soft my feet are after using this peel. I have always had problems with having rough, dry feet and I am so happy that I have beautiful, baby soft feet now. I can wear sandals without feeling insecure about my feet and now I'm not uncomfortable with my feet being touched. This peel has really helped me feel more confident in how my feet look and how they feel, it was completely pain free, it was easy to use and do at home myself and I cannot say enough how amazing these results are. The pictures don't do it justice because you need to really feel how soft the skin is, just like a baby's brand new ultra-soft skin. If you'd like to try Baby Foot we have it available at the spa for $25.00. It includes everything you need to do the peel. Don't be embarrassed of your feet anymore, try Baby Foot and experience the drastic results for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

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