Brilliant Women in the Windy City

The weekend of March 11, 2016 was an exciting weekend for Stephanie and myself, we had a sensational adventure planned to attend the Face and Body Spa Conference & Expo Midwest and Americas Beauty Show at Chicago's McCormick Place, the largest convention center in North America. We started our journey Friday morning and made the drive down to the Windy City. The first day afforded us some opportunities for casual exploration so we decided to meander through Chicago's famous Navy Pier. We strolled along the pier in the afternoon sunshine and enjoyed the amazing and endless views of Lake Michigan. Here are some photos from our Navy Pier adventure-




The second day was a full day of education and fun at the expo. We got to McCormick Place in the morning to finish our registration and begin exploring all the show had to offer. But before we started we had to take a quick show selfie.


At this particular event one entire side is focused on spa and the other is focused on cosmetology. We started on the spa side, it had a more mellow and calming atmosphere. We got to see many vendors and try many products and samples. One of the booths we got to visit was Farmhouse Fresh, and of course we carry their products here at the spa so it was interesting to see their beautiful booth and what they had to offer. Here are some pictures of the Farmhouse Fresh booth-





You can see that the lovely ladies at Farmhouse Fresh go above and beyond with their booth, much like their delectable products. Also while checking out the spa side of things, Stephanie and I, got to have airbrush makeup done. We were able to learn about a new brand and test out the quality while of course getting all dolled up for our night out after the show. We also stopped by the Chella brow bar to try out some of their eyebrow products and they shaped and filled our brows. We stopped at many other booths featuring skincare products, makeup, massage lotion, waxing products and even weight loss items. We also got to stop at the M'lis booth, we carry many of their products here at the spa as well. Here are some pictures of our airbrush makeup and Chella brows-



After exploring the spa side of things the event was winding down for the day so me and Stephanie decided to go out on the town for a bit, we didn't want our airbrush makeup to go to waste. We got to tour the House of Blues and eat at Dick's Last Resort restaurant. The whole idea of Dick's is that the wait staff our rude and make jokes at or with you. Needless to say it was a lot of fun and very entertaining. Here is a photo of the river and downtown Chicago taken from the balcony at Dick's. Also two pictures from the Chicago House of Blues including their opera style theater and Gaelic Storm playing in the main dining area.




On the third day we explored the cosmetology side of the show which was very upbeat, with loud music and stages with live models showing off different hair looks. They also had makeup and nails on this side of the show. This side was like a giant nightclub with lots of energy and excitement. After checking out all the booths on the cosmetology side of the show we were ready to grab some food and head home. To conclude we had an awesome weekend trip, we got to experience a lot of neat things at the expo, we learned about new trends in our industry and got to sample lots of great products that we could bring to our spa in the future. We really had a good time and love sharing with all of you our experiences. We also want to share one more photo with you from a restaurant near our hotel, we found it quite funny and think you might also. The restaurant is named "Wok This Way". That's all we have for you from this adventure, until next year.


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