Fall 2016 Makeup Trends

Cover1.jpgWith Fall just around the corner and Labor Day past we thought it would be fun to share some of the hottest makeup trends of Fall 2016. We have everything you need at the boutique to create these amazing makeup looks and we would love to show you the products that can create some of the trendiest looks of the season. Here is our top 5 list of makeup trends for Fall.

1. Red shadow

Red shadow is in this season. With a multitude of hues to try you can't go wrong with red. From bright red to deep burgundy and vermillion, red is a shade that can go with any eye color and skin tone with the right hue. Apply shadow around the entire eye a' la Kristin Stewart or just smudge the waterlines for a look that's a little bit rebel rocker and a little bit romantic.


2. Foil shadow/Heavy Metals

If you want to try something new that looks great and will turn head, then this is the trend for you. Metallic foil shadows are richly pigmented with an opulent finish. The go-to metals of the season are rose-golds, gilded gold shimmers, and gunmetal grays. But don't be afraid to play with copper and bronze, maybe mix some copper with your red shadow for a unique take on both trends. If you want to create your own foil shadow look using powder eyeshadow you already have their is a technique to do that. You take an eyeshadow brush and wet it. Dip it in the eyeshadow color of choice (metallic and shimmers work best for this look), dab it on the back of your hand and swirl it. Add more shadow and a drop of water and keep swirling until it looks like paint. Once you have the consistency you like apply to your lids, and voila you have foil eyeshadow.


3. '90s Lips (dark)

The 90's is back with a vengeance and is inspiring everything from hair to clothing. So it's no surprise that 90's makeup looks are a thing this season. The runways were ruled by moody 90's lipstick looks, from brown to black to purple. Some of you just saw that I put black lipstick and are panicking thinking isn't that for Halloween!? Hear me out, black can be done for an everyday look. Just make sure if black lips are the trend your hitting that you tone down the rest of your makeup, or even try going bear with just black lips for a real stand out statement making look that is extra chic.

4. Rocker Liner

We love our cat eyes but for this season we are going back to the basic with a smudged out, fully rimmed black eye. Don't be afraid of your kohl pencil to really smudge it out. Forget the cat-eye flicks — fully rimmed, inky black eyes are the look du jour. And luckily, the smudgier they are, the better. So pull out your kohl pencils — you're going to need them. This is a super sexy look that is easy, and fast to do.



5. Jewel Eye Tones

jewel2.jpgAnother big trend this season is jeweled eye tones. A fun way to incorporate this look is doing jewel eyeliner or jewel tone shadow, or both! Play around and have fun with this cool, jewel trend. Here is a list of jewel tones and the eye color they look best on-

  • Brown Eyes - Navy
  • Hazel Eyes - Gold
  • Green Eyes - Purple
  • Blue Eyes - Emerald
  • Gray Eyes - Burgundy

There is our top 5 makeup looks of Fall 2016. Play around, have fun, and please share your looks with us on Facebook or Instagram, we would love to see your creations.

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