Good Vibes Only-Living Authentically and Positively

Being authentic, it sounds simple, it sounds like something we just are, but, we tend to struggle with being are authentic selves, being unashamedly our true, unique, selves. Being authentic means coming from a real place within ourselves. It means aligning our actions, choices, and words with our core beliefs and values. It means fully being ourselves not an imitation of what or who others want us to be.

When you make a choice or action and you get this kind of icky feeling in your stomach that something is not right, or it just feels "off", this is the feeling you get when you are being inauthentic. You are acting in a way that goes against your own values, beliefs, and preferences. It's a feeling that something isn't right, a feeling that things are out of sync. When you are living authentically and being true to yourself you will feel in alignment, things will feel balanced within yourself. This is where you want to be living, in sync with your true self and sharing that self with the world. It's about bringing your core self in alignment with your daily life.

Living authentically is about being genuine and real, true to yourself and others. When we live an authentic life, it helps us to deeply connect with those around us because it requires us to become vulnerable and be transparent. Living authentically is a truly liberating experience, it completely frees us from societies pressures of who and what we should be. It allows us to stop trying to be perfect and start being perfectly ourselves.

Before you can start living authentically you must learn to be genuine. You must become aware of what it looks and feels like to live in accordance with your genuine nature. Becoming self-aware can feel very vulnerable, but it allows you the freedom to make decisions that are closer to your own values. It gives you the opportunity to fully embrace your own unique talents and abilities, to accept aspects of yourself that may be easier to run from, and to live a more honest, open, content life.

If you are ready to live your most authentic life yet you must start by determining WHO you want to be. Let go of all the messages of who and what you've been told or persuaded to be. Let go of who you think society, your peers, and your family want you to be. Determine who it is you want to be and live this fearlessly.

Qualities of an authentic life-

Self-Awareness- Allow yourself to become keenly self-aware of who you truly are. Delve deep into yourself and pull apart all the unique layers that make you, you. You may find the beautiful, marvelous aspects of yourself but you will also be exposed to the deep pains, fears, and dark side of yourself as well. Embrace both the light and the dark, embrace all of yourself fully, and work to become aware of all your layers.

Intuitive Connection- Trust your gut. Listen to your heart. These are all ways to say follow your intuition. Connecting your inner self and inner awareness to your conscious self. Align your mind, body, and soul, allow your inner self to guide you. Connect to your intuition and let it lead and inspire you.

Embrace your inner truth- Fully trusting your inner voice and intuition, living completely in line with your truth even if others don't like it or agree with it.

Living with love- Allow your heart space to guide you, allow all you do to be done in love and trust. Let your heart lead you. Don't let fear guide you.

Purposeful living- Finding your life purpose(s) and doing exactly that. Realizing what your purpose is here on Earth and striving to fulfill it in your day to day life. Set goals and intentions for all aspects of your life and purposefully chase down your dreams and desires.

Be Fearless- Authentic living demands courage, you must be brave to fully embrace your whole self regardless of other’s opinions, thoughts, and attitudes about it. You must be willing to overcome your fears and doubts, to rise to the occasion and challenge yourself to live authentically, to live true to your inner most self. Do not be afraid, be excited, for when you release what doesn't serve you, you will find the feeling to be freeing beyond measure.

How to live more authentically-

Let It Go- Let it go, let go of fear, let go of failure, let go of your perceived expectations. You must stop worrying about what others think of you, you cannot live true to yourself if you are constantly trying to fit yourself into a box that others have created for you. To live authentically you need to commit 100% to living the life that fulfills you and makes your soul happy. You can start by letting go of the need to live the way others want or expect of you.

Find your self- This can be a such a cliché statement but it is at the root of creating drastic and awesome change in your life. Become self-aware by questioning who you are and what you believe in. Do a thorough introspection, determine what your values and belief systems are? What has helped mold you into the person you are today? What experiences and decisions have shaped your life thus far? What have been the defining experiences in your life? Spend some time on introspection, work on piecing together the tapestry of your life so that you can weave a future of authenticity and purpose.

Spark your passions- Living authentically should filter into every aspect of your life, and that includes your work, free time, social life and personal life. In each of these parts of our daily life are certain things that we are passionate about. We can find what sets our soul on fire and ignites a spark in our heart, and when we find that we need to live in line with it. Maybe following your passion means starting your own business, or starting a nonprofit to help others.

Be open-minded-How do you know who you are if you only live your life from one point of view? A lot of time we take the values we were taught as a child and we assume those must be what we believe. It's important to foster an open mind and look at the world from many different perspectives. This allows us to align our views and values with many different points of view which gives us the opportunity to be more wholly rounded and allows our own authenticity to flourish. Being stuck in a black and white only way of thinking keeps us trapped in a perspective of judgement and limits our own experience.

Journal- Journaling is a wonderful way to help you make important discoveries about yourself. It allows you the freedom to express yourself without fear of repercussion or judgement. There are many journal prompts available for self-discovery and exploration that are free of charge and easy to find online. Also, you can find many guided journals or books to help you find your path through journaling. Writing in a journal is a great way to explore who you are, find out what sparks your passions, it also allows you to deal with past and current hurts and traumas. This is a fantastic tool to help you in your journey to authenticity.

Live Authentic-Once you have taken the time and made the effort to explore who you are and what it means for you to live authentically next, it is time for you to start fully living your life from a place of authenticity. You must fully immerse yourself in your new point of view and experience life from this new perspective. You may be inspired to experience new things and explore and connect with world from a new place. This will further help shape and define your authentic self.

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" – Dr. Seuss

Here at Brilliant Bodywork we focus on the entire person mind, body, and spirit. We believe our services help heal and soothe our clients in many different ways. Whether it is a relaxing massage or a transformative skin care appointment, we want our clients to feel they can live their lives from a place of health, wellness, and happiness. Part of living a fulfilling and content life is learning to be true to yourself and what feels right to you. That's why we think it's important to talk about topics like this, it is part of our holistic approach to caring for the whole person. We hope this helps you today and if you want to come in and try some of our spa services please give us a call at (608) 783-8380 or go to our website at www.brilliantbodywork.com

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