The great Waxing Experience Checklist!


Not all waxing experiences are created equal.

Today we are going to look at what makes a great waxing experience. Not all waxing services are the same and we want to share from our experience the things that we think matter most.

  • Professional Training
  • All our waxing services are performed by qualified, licensed professionals and specialists. Specialized training along with continuing education keeps them on top of the latest developments and techniques that improve your experience and results.
  • Pre-wax and Post-Wax Care
  • We know for those who may be getting waxing done for the first time that it can be a little intimidating. Which is why our team makes you understand the are pre-wax and post-wax care that can significantly improve your experience. We make sure you are aware of all the little things you can do to get the best results for your specific skin type.

  • Cleanliness and Sanitation
  • As a licensed spa facility, we are fanatical about meeting and exceeding the regulations set forth by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services. This means a clean, sanitary spa environment. For waxing, this means disposable materials like the sticks used to apply the wax and the strips used to pull the hot wax. Using disposable tools ensures that they are sanitary. Also for waxing we never double dip. This means that we never, ever dip a stick in the wax, apply the wax on your skin and then use the same stick dipped in wax again.
  • One Fair Price
  • No surprises! Your waxing experience should always be one low price for each waxing service. For example, a half leg wax is one price, it should not matter if you are a size 4 or 24, or if you have a few sparse hairs or a leg covered in hair it should be the same price either way.
  • The right wax in the right place
  • A more comfortable experience is the result of using the right wax in the right place.

  • Hard Wax is used for more sensitive areas of the body. It hardens while on the skin and then is lifted from the skin creating a less painful removal.
  • Traditional Soft Wax is used for larger body areas such as legs, chest, back and others. It does not harden and is covered with a cloth strip that is then pulled lifting the hair and wax.
  • We created this checklist to help you understand the little things we believe lead to a great waxing experience. We invite you to compare by scheduling your Brilliant Waxing Experience appointment here (Underline is a link to the online scheduling and phone, contact information)
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