Here We Grow Again!

If you have been to see us recently you may have noticed a few changes within the spa, or if you have driven by you may have noticed the wood beams on the sides of the building. We are very excited to announce that Operation Brilliant Beautification is officially underway! Brilliant Bodywork is undergoing a bit of a makeover. We have updated and expanded our treatment rooms, we continue to grow the boutique, and we are now moving along with the face-lift to the front entrance of the spa.

Over the past few years we have made some big changes to the interior of the spa, for example we completely removed and relocated our Connection couples retreat room to open up space for the Boutique at Brilliant Bodywork. We originally had our couples room in the front of the building, when you would walk in the spa we had it in the very front room. We tore down the wall and opened up the space to make room for the boutique about 2 years ago. We moved our couples retreat room and completely updated the room with new wallpaper, fixtures, and a special color changing led star-light ceiling fixture, we also moved the infrared sauna into the room as well.

Recently we have made some other big changes to the interior of the spa. We re-branded our treatment rooms by coming up with specific names for them that evoke a feeling of what each room is used for. As part of the re-brand for the treatment rooms we had beautiful gold name plaques made. As part of our remodel we have added on two brand new treatment rooms in the back of the building, we also did a design overhaul in the Zen room, and while we were at it we did some design updates to the front Transformation room and the middle Recharge room. We were especially excited to add on the two new treatment rooms because it allows us to serve more of our clients and offer more of our services, we even added on a brand new massage therapist, Brittany.

The inside is an ongoing update, because we are always finding new and exciting treatments and ideas to bring to the spa and we really like to incorporate them as we go along. We are very excited about the new looks in the rooms and think you will like them as well. We really want to continue to offer treatment rooms that evoke a sense of peace, calm, and tranquility. When you come to our spa we want you to really feel that this can be your escape from the stressors of day to day life and we hope that our treatment rooms echo that sentiment.

We love the changes that have happened to the inside of the building, but we are even more excited to see the changes to the outside of the spa come to fruition. We have been in works to have these new updates move forward on the front of the spa for a while and we cannot contain our excitement that it is all coming to fruition now. We plan to have a very different, very eye catching, and beautiful front facade. We will keep you posted as the construction on the front unfolds, but for now we just have the very bare bones, starting pieces to show. You will have to stay posted as the new front begins to take shape. Here's looking to the future!

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