How to Achieve Wow Brows

Importance of Eyebrows

Eyebrows are so much more than just patches of hair above the eyes. Eyebrows have the power to entirely transform a face. They help to accentuate the eyes and draw attention to the eyes. Not only that but they also compliment the contours of the cheeks. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the wow brows that will accent your beautiful face and eyes best. Start by finding the shape that will best define your brows. You can do this by identify what your face shape is and then use this chart to see which brow shape best fits your face shape.


Time for Shaping


Once you have determined your best brow shape then comes the actual shaping of your brows. You can do this at home using techniques like measuring the distance of the hair with the bridge of your nose, or making sure the arch is at the edge of the iris or about 3 quarters of the way in. However, if you're like me you may find that this is one of those things that looks and sounds easy but in reality is not always so easy to pull off. In that case you can turn to the experts. Here at Brilliant Bodywork Stephanie and Kendra can get you that perfect brow shape and help you to maintain it with regular eyebrow waxing. If you're not comfortable trying to identify the best brow shape for your face they can do that for you as well. If you do know the shape you want when you come in for your service, you can let them know the shape that you want to achieve.

How to Fill in Your Eyebrows

Waxing can help you achieve the shape you want but sometimes your brows need a little more help. That’s when learning how to fill in your brows comes in handy. Sometimes we have brows that are sparse, coarse or unruly and we need to do some maintenance. For filling in your brows you can use products like Blinc Eyebrow Mousse which we carry here at the spa in a variety of colors. Come on in to try it out before you buy. The mousse works to give brows lift and volume while maintaining shape and definition and keeping unruly hairs in check. Also using a pencil like the Glo Minerals Precision Brow Pencil can be used multiple ways to get wow brows. Use the pencil to fill in sparse hairs, add length by filling in the bottom of the brow, and line the brows for a more defined brow shape. Here is a diagram from Glo Minerals that details the best way to fill in and define the brows using their brow products:


  1. Use Precision Brow Pencil to line the bottom of the brow for added length and a more defined shape.
  2. Blend the two shades of the Brow Powder Duo or Brow Quad using the Dual Brow Brush to create your custom color and fill in the eyebrow area.
  3. Outline the brow with Luxe Liquid Bright Concealer in brighten to create even more definition and highlight the brow bone. Gently blend with the Camouflage Brush.
  4. Use the wax from the Brow Quad or Brow Gel to set unruly hairs in place.

Now you know how to get brows that wow, you can schedule an appointment with us to get your brows tamed and shaped with Kendra or Stephanie. Also when you come in try out some of our brow makeup products and see the difference they can make for your brows. Remember a good brow can make a drastic difference in how you look and feel. You deserve to have brows that wow.

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