Living Well With Essential Oils

I'm sure by now most of you have heard about or even used essential oils, they have been growing in popularity as of late and for good reason, essential oils have many benefits and multiple uses. The body can recognize and utilize essential oils in many different ways, however two of the most well know and used are inhalation and topical application. Today we will be focusing on the 21 Drops essential oil brand. We will look at the two most common ways to utilize essential oils with the body, what sets the 21 Drops' blend of essential oils apart from the competitors, and how and why they can benefit you. This particular brand of essential oils is one that we carry here at Brilliant Bodywork.


21 Drops is a line of therapeutic grade essential oils blended to help ease today's most common concerns. They create oil blends that are numbered 1 through 21 for specific healing purposes such as #05 Headache, which as its namesake implies is for headaches which is a blend of rosewood oil, lavender flower oil, and peppermint leaf oil. #18 Sleep for sleepless nights featuring a blend of sandalwood oil, ylang ylang flower oil, palmarosa grass oil and vetiver root oil. #01 Invigorate which is for if you are feeling drained and need to get up and get going, it is blended from cedarwood wood oil, rosemary leaf oil, black pepper dried fruit oil, and juniper fruit oil. These are just a few examples of the 21 blends available. All of the essential oils that go into their blends are sourced from sustainable, indigenous habitats and are held to a high therapeutic standard, they are 100% natural and organic. Here is a little more about the company and their oils taken from their website:

These oils are made up of tiny, fragrant and highly-concentrated molecules that are distilled from the leaves, fruits, woods, seeds, flowers and other parts of various plants. Not only are these natural compounds incredibly fragrant, but they actually have therapeutic properties that promote physical and mental well-being.

Essential oil therapy is the actual use of essential oils to help heal our minds and bodies. In the US, we have been behind the curve in understanding the value of natural alternatives. As a matter of fact, essential oil therapy has been practiced around the world for thousands of years and is currently used as a medical treatment throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

How do essential oils work?

There are three grades of essential oils, food grade, perfume grade and therapeutic grade. The food and perfume grade are the lowest quality and typically have many chemicals used in their making. They use cheap fillers, and harvested plants that are grown with pesticides and fertilizers. These are not things you want in a product you are using to maintain your health. The highest grade of essential oils is the therapeutic grade; these oils contain the highest concentrations of the healing oil properties found in nature. They are full of inter-cellular messengers like hormones, enzymes, vitamins and minerals and oxygen. What makes these oils unique is their ability to penetrate through skin, fat, muscle and connective tissue and be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, lymph system, organs and other bodily systems. Also there are certain essential oils that are made with evergreens, resins and mint that can reach the deepest in the body penetrating the bones and even brain matter. The unique characteristics of therapeutic essential oils and their ability to heal a range of health concerns through a variety of application methods makes them an ideal tool for maintaining health and wellness.


Here is a little bit more about two main ways to utilize essential oils throughout the body:


1. Inhalation: When the essential oils are inhaled through the nose, the tiny nerves inside the nose send a signal right away to the brain. This signal tells the brain to go to work on the different systems that direct our minds and bodies. This is one of the most direct delivery methods because the chemical messengers in the nose are directly linked to the brain and act quickly to send a signal to the brain.

2. Topical Application: When you apply essential oils to the skin their healing properties are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream via the pores and hair follicles. Once the oils are absorbed into the bloodstream they can go to work by dispersing to the specific organs and systems to which they are set to work on. Another topical application area is known as pulse points; these are the areas of the body where blood vessels are closest to the surface of the skin. When you apply essential oils to these areas it allows for even quicker absorption which helps get them to work faster. Some pulse points are wrists, temples, and back of the neck.

Each 21 Drops solution is pre-blended with distinct essential oils that come together in organic jojoba oil to uniquely treat a particular concern or aspiration. By carefully combining the correct essential oils at the perfect concentration, these blends work in synergy to deliver on their targeted promise for a healthier mind and body. These 21 blends set a new standard in aromatherapy with 100% natural, therapeutic-quality oils gathered from regions throughout the world, each carefully tested to ensure the utmost purity and effectiveness.

21 Drops blends come in a secure, portable rollerball packaging. They can easily be placed aside your bed, at your desk or in your purse. They're fun and simple to use. Just select the blend that addresses your needs

from getting a good night's sleep, to dealing with daily stress, or even running that extra mile. Take the rollerball and apply the blend in a repeated circular motion to the desired pulse points (wrists, temples and neck) or directly to the area of concern.

Have fun and layer the blends freely, customizing the combination for your individual needs. Then roll on, inhale and transform to:



Stop in to the Spa here at Brilliant Bodywork and any of us available would be happy to show you the 21 Drops essential oil blends, we also have plenty of samples so you can try them out as well and find your favorite numbers.

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