M'lis Detoxification Program

M’lis Detoxification Program Highlights

  • It is estimated that 95% of all degenerative disease begins in the colon. Detoxification is a way to lessen the symptoms of and prevent disease.
  • All organs and systems of the body are cleansed and allowed to rejuvenate.
  • The immune system is strengthened.
  • Energy and mental clarity are increased.
  • Dependencies on sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine are reduced.
  • Bad eating habits are broken.
  • 3-8Ibs. of water and waste are lost.
  • The body’s natural tract is restored.

Why Detoxify?

The only way that toxins are eliminated from the body is through the natural processes of detoxification, which occurs through the skin by perspiration, through the colon by evacuation, through the kidneys by urination, and through the lungs by respiration. When the body has accumulated more toxins than it can handle, the body in its amazing natural healing process attempts a healing response. It must force the toxins out or the body will disease and die.

Detoxification helps to reverse this process by enabling the body to rid itself of these toxins and other trapped waste materials. For a person in good basic health, detoxification on a regular basis will help prevent illness and degenerative disease. For those with health problems, detoxification will allow the body to heal, naturally and without continuing the cycle of chemical stuffing of symptoms.

Signs of a Toxic Body

  • Fatigue / lack of energy
  • Overweight / underweight
  • Digestive problems (gas, ulcers, heartburn, IBS)
  • Irregularity (constipation / diarrhea)
  • Cravings or addictions
  • Headaches
  • Mood swings, anxiety, depression, irritability
  • Allergies, hayfever, asthma
  • Low resistance to illness and infection
  • Skin disorders
  • Smoking

The Detoxification Process

The M'lis Detoxification Program consists of a liquid diet, using a mixture of fresh lemon juice, distilled water, and pure maple syrup. It is recommended that at least two quarts per day be consumed. These ingredients provide all the vitamins and minerals you’ll need for the duration of the cleanse. For this reason, you will not be experiencing a fast, but a liquid food that will help to cleanse the systems of the body.

  • Lemon juice is rich in water-soluble vitamins that the body cannot store.
  • Pure maple syrup is a balanced form of natural sugar that will not cause insulin response. It is also rich in minerals that the body needs.
  • Distilled water dilutes the toxins and helps to flush them from the body. Because distilled water does not contain minerals, it acts as a leech to pull impurities from the system.
  • In addition to the juice mixture, you will be taking herbal formulations contained in a M’lis Detoxification Kit that help the cleansing process.

The typical detoxification cleanse lasts three days. However, it is possible to detoxify up to ten days if that is the desire.

Sill have questions? Visit M'lis Detoxification Program FAQs, or give us a call at Brilliant Bodywork!