Positive Chalk Mantras


It can be easy to get sucked into all the bad things of this world, the hate, intolerance, suffering, senseless killing, cruelty and all the negativity. We see it and hear it every day on the news, social media and in conversation, more horrible things happening to innocent people and beings. But we are trying to shift the focus here at Brilliant Bodywork. We are firm believers in that what you put out into the universe is what you get back. We want to put out some positivity into the world. We decided it would be fun to get some chalk and use our front sidewalk as a canvas for positive thoughts, quotes, mantras and images. Why focus on the negative when there is so much light, radiance, and positivity in this world to look at?



Stephanie and Adam put up the first positive thought, you can see theirs in the first image above. It says, "hate is easy, love takes courage". From there, the chalk words and pictures spread! It's been exciting to watch our positive chalk thoughts project grow and expand. I've personally noticed how relaxing it was to draw my chalk art and mantra and how it’s made me feel happy and relaxed to focus on the positive words and phrases as I went. Also reading all the other thoughts and pictures put a smile on my face and made me realize how much good their truly is in the world, we just need to keep our eyes on the good and try not to focus on all the bad and get swallowed up by the negativity. It really is about positive mind, positive vibes, positive life. Here are some of the positive chalk mantras and images:






If you’re in the neighborhood stop on by and add some of your positive words of wisdom and love. Spread your positivity like wildfire, we will to and just maybe it will catch on and a blaze of love, peace and positivity will spread and it won't be put out by the negativity. Because as long as hearts still beat, and people still love, the evil in this world will never win. Remember the light shines brightest in the darkness. Even if you can't stop and leave your chalk thought, strive to leave your positive energy imprint on those you encounter today and every day.


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