The Brilliant Bodywork Community Newsletter

Each month we publish a newsletter to our Brilliant Bodywork spa community. In this newsletter will be a stories and features about happenings at the spa and tips about how to make the most of your experiences. You will also treated to a posting of our montly specials and other fun events going on at the spa. It will always be a quick read, full of interesting and helpful information. Thanks for being a part of our Unplug Recharge community.

Ditch the Razor, Try Waxing

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It's summer in Wisconsin and that means most of us can't hide are unshaven legs like we do in the winter, just kidding! But seriously what a pain it can be when you throw on your cute dress, shorts or tank top and realize you forgot to shave! Shaving can be such a pain as well as time consuming. It normally doesn't last long, it's expensive, [...]

Benefits of Relaxation Massage

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Massage has many benefits that you can experience from just one session, and when you receive massage regularly you can maintain and experience even more wonderful benefits. Here at Brilliant Bodywork we want to help you take care of your whole self, mind, body, and spirit.[...]

What a great way to use asparagus, tomatoes, and lettuce in a change of pace dish that everyone will be sure to love. Create an upscale pasta salad that’s company worthy by combining penne pasta, roasted asparagus, tomato, arugula, herbes de Provence and goat cheese and tossing with a lemony vinaigrette. Serve immediately or cover and chill for 2 hours for a cold pasta salad.[...]

Positive Chalk Mantras

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It can be easy to get sucked into all the bad things of this world, the hate, intolerance, suffering, senseless killing, cruelty and all the negativity. We see it and hear it every day on the news, social media and in conversation, more horrible things happening to innocent people and beings. But we are trying to shift the focus here at Brilliant Bodywork.[...]

I'm sure by now most of you have heard about or even used essential oils, they have been growing in popularity as of late and for good reason, essential oils have many benefits and multiple uses. The body can recognize and utilize essential oils in many different ways, however two of the most well know and used are inhalation and topical application. Today we will be focusing on the 21 Drops essential oil brand. We will look at the two most common ways to utilize essential oils with the body,[...]

Summer Skin Essentials

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Summer is just around the corner, that means beaches, barbecues, concerts, waterparks, camping, canoeing and more. Here in Wisconsin when summer hits we don't take it for granted, after being cooped up all winter we are ready to get outside and have some fun. However, it's important to be safe when out in the sun, skin cancer is very serious and can happen to anyone, it's important be smart and safe while having fun in the sun. [...]

The Baby Foot Experience

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If you haven't heard of this ultra-trendy, amazing chemical peel for your feet called Baby Foot then let me be the first to tell you about this unique, innovative peel that will change the way you achieve baby soft feet. What is Baby Foot? Baby Foot is an exfolliant foot peel that utilizes 17 types of natural extracts and the main ingredient is fruit acid, commonly known as lactic acid or glycolic acid. The brochure describes the product as easy to use, and a painless way to remove the layers of dead skin that keep the feet rough and dry.[...]

Try the great recipe for a fun and lighter dinner option infused with vibrant Asian flavors. The perfect meal to be enjoyed by the family on a beautiful spring evening.[...]

We all know how difficult life can be and how stressful things in our lives can get- from work related stress to stresses in your personal life and more. We also know how damaging this stress can be on our body, mind and spirit. Stress is your bodies way of reacting to a harmful situation whether it is real or perceived.[...]

The weekend of March 11, 2016 was an exciting weekend for Stephanie and myself, we had a sensational adventure planned to attend the Face and Body Spa Conference & Expo Midwest and Americas Beauty Show at Chicago's McCormick Place, the largest convention center in North America. We started our journey Friday morning and made the drive down to the Windy City. The first day afforded us some opportunities for casual exploration so we decided to meander through Chicago's famous Navy Pier. We strolled along the pier in the afternoon sunshine and enjoyed the amazing and endless views of Lake Michigan.[...]

How to Achieve Wow Brows

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Eyebrows are so much more than just patches of hair above the eyes. Eyebrows have the power to entirely transform a face. They help to accentuate the eyes and draw attention to the eyes. Not only that but they also compliment the contours of the cheeks. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the wow brows that will accent your beautiful face and eyes best. Start by finding the shape that will best define your brows. You can do this by identify what your face shape is and then use this chart to see which brow shape best fits your face shape.[...]

Warm Up With Infrared Therapy

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Infrared therapies are an effective, relaxing and enjoyable way to achieve a variety of results and benefits. Here at Brilliant Bodywork we offer two different treatments that utilize infrared heat technology, the far infrared sauna and the infra-slim body contouring wrap. Infrared heat offers multiple health benefits for the user. Some of these benefits include relieving muscle and joint pains, boost immune system, improve skin texture, increase fluid circulation, reduce stress and fatigue, improve metabolism, and remove toxins from the body.[...]

Massage therapy has been demonstrated to help treat chronic pain, particularly in joints, such as the shoulder or knee, while also improving stability and posture. “[This study] suggests that regular massage may produce physiological changes that contribute to improved balance and postural control,” says Jo Ellen Sefton, Director of the Neuromechanics Research Laboratory at Auburn University. “This may be a way to decrease falls in older adults.”[...]

The entire month of November we will be accepting canned goods and non-perishable food items at Brilliant Bodywork, located at 314 Main St. in Onalaska. Give what you can this season, and know your donation is going to help a good cause by going directly to those in need through WAFER food pantry. Together we can help end hunger in our community; no family should have to go hungry this holiday season.[...]

5 Ways to Be More Grateful

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As Thanksgiving fast approaches this month we thought it would be good to include an article about being grateful. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude in one’s daily life is a great way to find peace, contentment and joy in the everyday. It’s easy to get stuck on where we may be in life and feeling like we aren’t yet to where we want to be. It is okay to want more and to strive to be better but don’t wait to be grateful until you think everything in life is just where it should be.[...]

If you’re looking to feel better and healthier, a great place to start is with your plate. Here is an easy way to make small changes that can have a big impact. Making healthy swaps is a great step to a healthier, happier you.[...]

Studies show that a 30-minute infrared sauna session can burn nearly 600 calories. This is because your core temperature increases and the body has to work harder to cool itself. As a result, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn more calories.[...]

When it comes to fashion Brilliant Boutique has what you need. We bring in new, trendy styles and stylish classics for each new season and have all the accessories you need to match. For this Fall season we looked at some of the biggest trends in fashion and on the runways and brought them to our boutique with easy, approachable styles and everyday looks that our clients can put together and feel good about wearing.[...]

TO MAKE THE DRESSING: Combine all ingredients except the olive oil and whisk to combine. Slowly drizzle in the olive oil while whisking. Set aside. TOSS the cauliflower in a little olive oil, season with salt and pepper and spread evenly on a cookie sheet in a single layer. Roast the cauliflower under the broiler until well caramelized and softened, about 10 minutes. Roast the squash and Brussels sprouts using the same technique as the cauliflower. Allow the vegetables to cook to room temperature, then combine them in a large bowl with the beans and dried fruits. TOSS the dressing to evenly coat the salad. Salad will keep marinating for up to two days in the fridge.[...]

Mason jars are all the rage for home decoration. There are a million ways you can decorate with them, and here I'll show you a Fall craft that even your kids can take a stab at.[...]