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Massage is not only a great way to relax but a great way to maintain your body .

Therapeutic massage not only promotes a feeling of well-being, but it also improves circulation, boosts the immune system, benefits blood pressure, helps muscle tone, aids digestion, increases skin tone, and more.

Each massage is different in experience, emotional and physical benefits, and in the area of the body that it targets.

Every month we have at least one massage on special, or we can help you decide which massage is best for you when you visit.

Emotional Benefits of Massage Therapy

The emotional balance that massage provides the body can often be just as vital, and valuable, as the physical benefits. Some of the emotional benefits of massage are:

  • Decreased anxiety & depression
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Improved mood
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced fatigue

How Is Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage Different From A Relaxation Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is also known as Therapeutic Massage. This type of massage uses different techniques that are not used in a Relaxation Massage. In order to release the tension in the soft tissue, our massage therapists need to work deeper into the tissue and use whichever therapeutic technique is most effective for your condition. Because they work deeper into the tissues, you can expect a firmer pressure and some people may experience a minor level of discomfort.

Throughout your Deep Tissue Massage session, our massage therapist will “check in” with the you on the amount of pressure being used so that they only use as much pressure as is needed in each area. However, deep tissue massage does not need to cause you intolerable or excruciating pain to get results.

Therapeutic massage is a type of massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue. The pressure will generally be more intense as our therapists work to release chronic muscle tension or knots (also known as “adhesion's.”)

Will A Deep Tissue Massage Hurt?

It should not hurt you, however it’s likely to be a bit more uncomfortable and intense than a relaxation massage. Always feel free to speak up if the pressure is too much for you.
It’s important to drink a lot of water after a deep tissue massage to help flush lactic acid out of the tissues. If you don’t, you might be sore the next day. It’s also possible that you might feel some soreness the day after a deep tissue massage even if you do drink water. This just means a lot of waste products were flushed out of the tissues. It will most likely pass within a couple days

How Fast Will I Get Results With A Deep Tissue Massage?

It’s important to be realistic about what one deep tissue massage can achieve. Many people ask for more pressure, thinking that if the therapist just pushes hard enough, they can get rid of all their knots in an hour. This just won’t happen.

Finally, while deep tissue is certainly valuable as therapy, you should be aware that gentle styles of massage can also produce profound release and realignment in the body.

What to Expect from your Massage Experience

Personalization Form and Interview

If this is your first massage, you will be asked to fill out a personalization form in order for the therapist to get some background information as well as what is going on with your body presently. Your therapist will then interview you to review this information and find out exactly what you are expecting from your massage therapy session. If you have been in before will review key points prior to the massage in order to update us with any new information relative to your last session and to find out what they would like us to focus on during their session that day. If you are a new guest please allow an extra half hour for this process. We want it to be a great experience and with your guidance it can be.

What to Wear

Once the interview is complete, your therapist will leave the room to allow you to use the restroom and get on the massage table in between the sheets. Please remove all clothing, jewelry, and glasses before getting on the table. You may leave your undergarments on or take them off. Either way, a sheet will cover you the entire time so you will never be exposed.


As mentioned above, your therapist will drape you carefully with the sheet throughout the massage to work on the arms, legs, abdomen, and back without ever exposing you.


Massage does cause an increase in elimination and therefore increases the need to use the restroom. If at any time during the massage you need to use the restroom please let your therapist know. There is nothing relaxing about a massage if you have to go to the restroom the entire time. Don't be shy... we want you to enjoy every second.

Face Cradle

While lying on the massage table face down, your face will be resting in a face cradle. The face cradle is highly adjustable. If it feels uncomfortable at any time let the therapist know so they can adjust it for you. Also, lying face down sometimes causes the sinuses to run or clog so let your therapist know if you need a tissue or a whiff of eucalyptus oil to open the sinuses.


If at any time the therapist's pressure feels too deep or too light for what you were expecting please let the therapist know. In some tense areas the pressure may "hurt in a good way", however, it should never be painful. Deep breathing while the therapist is working in these sore or tender areas helps with the healing process as well. Do keep in mind that your therapist is constantly adjusting their pressure according to what they are feeling in the tissues. Dialog with your therapist is important in problem areas for the best results. Remember, once you begin receiving regular massages, any areas of tenderness and hypersensitivity begin to heal and the deep massage work begins to feel wonderful and becomes extremely relaxing. There is no right or wrong pressure, every body is different so your therapist needs to know the pressure that is right for you.


It is important to remember to take full, relaxed breaths during the massage. Once you have relaxed significantly, you can take your focus off the breath and let yourself sink into that relaxed zone. As mentioned above, if your therapist is working in a sore or tense area, deep breathing will bring more oxygen to the tissues and encourage these areas to relax.

Let Go

Remember, this is your time. Forget about your worries and concerns. Put them aside for the time being and really allow your body, mind and spirit to let go and just be. You deserve it! Take advantage of the opportunity to unwind and it will last well after you leave us.


Always drink plenty of water after a massage. Massage does pull a lot of toxins out of the tissues that may have been settled there awhile. The water will help to flush these out of the body before they re-settle into it.


If you do feel soreness in particular areas the day after a massage you may want to try soaking in a warm bath filled with Epsom salt. Epsom salt can be purchased at the reception desk. This is always recommended after a deep tissue massage since it can cause localized inflammation. Soreness or a "bruisy to the touch" feeling is normal the day after a deep tissue massage but there should be no actual bruising of the tissue and the area should feel great by the second day. Once a client begins getting regular massage the soreness experienced the next day is substantially reduced.

Feeling "Blissfully Out of It"

A massage can be extremely relaxing. You may even feel "blissfully out of it" after a massage. Take your time and if you need a few minutes to sit and relax before driving please do so.


Our profession has a code of Ethics. We will not discuss your sessions with anyone without your permission. This includes family and friends.

Ask Questions

Sometimes, as therapists, we may forget that you do not know what to expect. If there is anything that you are unsure of please ask and we will be more than happy to answer any questions or address any concerns. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible so that you can unplug, relax and recharge as much as possible. Enjoy!

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