Laser Lifetime Guarantee

Here is how the Lifetime Guarantee works

  • The Brilliant Bodywork Laser Hair Reduction Package consist of a total of 9 treatments with an option to purchase additional single treatments for the same body area at half the per treatment price at any time in the future. You may take advantage of the half price guarantee anytime during your lifetime.
  • The first six are each done no less than six weeks apart. The subsequent treatments, should you feel you need them, will be offered to you, at no additional cost, at 6 week intervals for up to one year after your sixth treatment. Now, will you need all 9 treatments? Not likely. Might you need 7 or 8 treatments to get the results you are really looking for? Quite possibly, depending on your skin type. And we do have a few clients who have needed 10 or 11 treatments, especially when treating finer hair, or if they have darker skin.
  • At Brilliant Bodywork, if you completed your first 6 treatments and feel you need an additional treatment, you simply call us and let us know. We'll take your word for it! We'll schedule you with the same priority as all our other appointments, and you'll be treated with the same care and respect due every client at Brilliant Bodywork. Again, each treatment is going to further reduce the unwanted hair, so these subsequent treatments will continue to provide further permanent hair reduction.
  • No laser hair reduction clinic can guarantee exactly what percentage of hair reduction any client will see by their sixth treatment. But at Brilliant Bodywork, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. And one of the keys to our success is our Laser Hair Reduction Guarantee.

Brilliant Bodywork Lifetime Permanent Hair Reduction Guarantee

Why we offer a lifetime Guarantee to people who commit to the 6 treatment protocol.

  • Hair has a resting cycle when it cannot absorb enough light to destroy the hair growth center. Which is why each laser treatment will on average only eliminate about 40% to 80% of the hair follicles permanently. This is why it may takes about 6 treatments to permanently eliminate most of your hair.
  • It is important to remember, however, that not every laser hair reduction client has the skin type or hair color for optimal results.These two factors have an important impact on the effectiveness of each laser hair reduction treatment. Studies show that by about 6 treatments, most people see 90% to 99% permanent hair reduction.

Our Lifetime Guarantee Promise

  • If you are one of the people who need more than 6 treatments due to the conditions of your natural skin and hair color, Brilliant Bodywork will continue to treat you 3 more times at no additional cost to help you achieve your permanent hair reduction goal. Permanent Hair reduction is a significant commitment to looking and feeling your best, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied and get the long term results you desire.